In November of 1991, a group of Gay Latinos organized to address the various needs of the Gay Latino community. The group met on a monthly basis at various homes until they found a regular meeting place at the St. Francis Lutheran Church in San Francisco, California on March of 1992. They established the name AGUILAS which is an acronym for Asamblea Gay Unida Impactando Latinos A Superarse, which translates to Assembly of United Gays Impacting Latinos towards Self-Empowerment. Today, AGUILAS is a non-profit organization and the largest Gay Latino Organization in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Getting Involved

AGUILAS relies on the strength and commitment of its volunteers to reach its goals and objectives. Volunteers are a big part of what makes AGUILAS feel like a family. Working together we can achieve our goals and create a more personal and meaningful experience for all of us. Volunteer opportunities include: office support; media and communications; web development; special events.


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