Bay Area Derby

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Our driving mission includes providing amateur athletic entertainment and playing roller derby competitively at all levels – local, regional, national, and international.

Established in 2004, Bay Area Derby is a full contact, women’s flat track roller derby league located in Oakland, CA consisting of four home teams, two competitive travel teams, a recreational program, skating and non-skating officials, and many dedicated volunteers. BAD’s community involvement has included participating in the San Francisco PRIDE Parade, skating in the Piedmont Fourth of July Parade, and supporting various fundraisers for other non-profits around The Bay.


Getting Involved

We can’t produce our bouts without the continued commitment and enthusiasm of our Event
Production Volunteers. From showing up early to lay down the track to sticking around after
everyone else has gone home to clean it all up, BAD’s volunteers have been an integral part of
making our bouts happen.

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