uli bilke

Uli is a native of Cologne, Germany. His first career was in hospitality and a job with the Four Seasons Hotel originally brought him to San Francisco. And as luck would have it, he met his future husband during his first few months in the Bay Area. Another stroke of serendipity would later put him in touch with Yelp where he has worked for the past eight years. It was Uli’s volunteer work with the company’s LGBT+ employee resource group that inspired him to create a network of like-minded leaders at other Bay Area companies: a quarterly breakfast meet-up called Queer Mornings. Since its inaugural meeting at Yelp in 2016, more than 200 members from over 75 different companieshave joined the Queer Mornings group. In his free time, Uli loves to take his two Dalmatians for long walks or he trains for the AIDS/Lifecycle. He is also a passionate amateur baker and hosts frequent Kaffeeklatsches for his friends.