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Castro Community On Patrol (CCOP) members are unpaid community volunteers who make a positive difference in the Castro neighborhood. 

Deploying regular weekly uniformed and visible "Safety Patrols" of three members, Castro Community On Patrol (CCOP) offers general safety information and guidance, advice, and an extra set of "eyes and ears" for the community.  Our Patrollers encourage good behavior and our presence helps to prevent, or quickly address, bad behavior in the neighborhood.  As unpaid community volunteers, we don't physically break up fights or make arrests, but since 2006 we have had a significant positive impact on the overall safety of the Castro neighborhood. And of course, when we need to, we can immediately call on the services of the professional responders in the Police and Fire Departments that we work closely with.

Beyond our primary Patrolling function, we also support many other community events and organizations.  As a fully qualified CCOP Patroller you will have the opportunity to support remembrance vigils (Pulse, Harvey Milk etc.), participate in rally events (Prop 8, Patriot Prayer), and help community events succeed (Sisters Easter in the Park, Castro Street Fair) throughout every year. The number and variety of these events just seems to grow with each passing year, which we love.

 CCOP is also recognized as a leading organization in the promotion and advancement of general safety and security for the Castro neighborhood, implementing a number of unique programs including the Castro Business Watch, and partnering with other groups to support initiatives such as the  Castro Cares program.

Getting Involved

Becoming a Patroller with CCOP will offer you many varied opportunities to volunteer and support the Castro neighborhood in a positive and affirming way. Patrolling is also a lot of fun, and you will make some great new friends among the other Patrollers.


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