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Fresh Meat Productions builds community by creating, presenting and touring year-round multidisciplinary transgender arts programs. Our guiding principles are access, relevance, artistic excellence and community engagement. Fresh Meat Productions’ award-winning programs promote social justice, solidarity and the evolution of transgender arts and culture. We create, commission and present new work. We inspire audiences, support artists, provide mentorship and learning, promote transgender expression and visibility, transform culture and build community. Fresh Meat’s groundbreaking performances and events are celebrated for artistic excellence, accessibility, relevance and innovation.


Getting Involved

There are many ways to volunteer with Fresh Meat Productions. You can volunteer for Sean Dorsey Dance’s home season (all volunteers get complimentary tickets!); you can volunteer for the Fresh Meat Festival in a variety of capacities (ushering to posturing; receptions to load-in/load-out; technical support to administrative support); and you can volunteer year-round by ushering, staffing events, fundraising, flying, helping with technical production, being an intern, supporting artists and more!

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