Horizons Foundation

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Horizons Foundation is a community foundation rooted in and dedicated to the lesbian, gat, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community, and we exist to:

  • Mobilize and increase resources for the LGBTQ movement and organizations that secure the rights, meet the needs, and celebrate the lives of LGBTQ people;

  • Empower individual donors and promote giving as an integral part of a healthy, compassionate community;

  • Steward a permanently endowed fund through which donors can make legacy gifts to ensure our community’s capacity to meet the future needs of LGBTQ people.

Horizons Foundation is the world’s first community foundation that is based in and serves the LGBTQ community. A community foundation is a tax-exempt public charity that, unlike private foundations, both accepts donations from the public and makes grants.


HORIZONS ENVISIONS A WORLD IN WHICH LGBTQ PEOPLE LIVE LIVES OF PRIDE, DIGNITY, JUSTICE, AND JOY AND WHERE: Strong, sustainable organizations have the resources to advocate for, serve, and celebrate the lives of LGBTQ people; LGBTQ people give generously to LGBTQ causes and nonprofit organizations; LGBTQ people thrive in vibrant, diverse, and compassionate communities; LGBTQ culture and pride are cherished and celebrated; All sexual identities and gender expressions are visible and valued; and Future generations of LGBTQ people have plentiful community financial resources to address emerging issues.

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