Jewish Family and Community Services

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JFCS East Bay is currently the lead organization in the United States resettling lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex refugees. LGBT people are increasingly targeted around the world, as more countries criminalize homosexuality or gender non-conforming behavior. JFCS East Bay’s LGBT Refugee Services program provides comprehensive resettlement services for those refugees who are able to obtain status through the United Nations to come to the United States.


Getting Involved

Because LGBT refugees arrive in the country completely alone, they rely on JFCS East Bay and our volunteers to assist them in building community and learning what life is like in the United States. For each LGBT refugee, we try to build a team of about three volunteers. When matched with an LGBT refugee, volunteers provide a range of assistance, including: help with English conversation skills; help clients learn how to use the public transportation system; and taking clients to appointments. In addition, we are always looking for community members who are willing to open their homes to a client for a short period of time.

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