National Sexuality Resource Center

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The National Sexuality Resource Center is the education and training arm of a consolidated sexuality center that would integrate capacity for research, education, training, and policy efforts (CREGS), a project of San Francisco State University. The Center is part of a community of gender and sexuality studies researchers, educators, and activists committed to understanding and addressing the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality in the pursuit of social justice.

Getting Involved

CREGS is always accepting applications for volunteers and encourages people to apply directly to the faculty or staff with the project that you are interested in.


Our Impact: NCLR’s legal, policy, and legislative victories set important precedents that improve the lives of all LGBT people and their families across the country. Our free legal assistance empowers individuals to assert their own legal rights. Our community and public education broadens public support for LGBT equality.

Projects and Legal Issue Areas Include: Asylum & Immigration; Elders; Employment; Family & Relationships; Federal Legislation & Policy; State Legislation & Policy; Hate Crimes; Healthcare; Housing; Low Income & Poverty; Prisons; Rural Communities; Sports; Transgender Law; and Youth

Getting Involved

NCLR holds regular events and invites volunteers to support!

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