Fresh New Queer Volunteer Opportunities

New Opportunities to Volunteer Queer!

Come to the Queer Arts Festival, Be a Bartender for a Night,
or Participate in a Research Study!


Hey y'all!

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This week we welcome 2 new nonprofits: Gay4Good and AACI! They are looking for volunteers so be sure to keep reading 🤓 

We also introduce our new Research Partipation page, where you will find opportunities to get involved in research projects designed to benefit LGBTQ+ communities!

Let's not wait any longer, here are the new opportunities!



East Bay: The Oakland Gay Men's Chorus has been invited to host the bar for the Royal Grand Ducal Council (RGDC) of Alameda & Contra Costa Counties at their annual coronation - Saturday, July 13 @ Oakland Asian Cultural Center. They will be able to keep all the tips as a donation to our organization! Most of the volunteers will be chorus members. However, they would love some help from anyone with bartending experience to help keep those thirsty queens happy! Learn more!

East Bay: QCC is currently looking for volunteers for their first NQAF event Confronting the Ghost of Willie Lynch (Oakland, May 17th & 18th). Inspired by the immersive experiences of haunted houses, Confronting The Ghost of Willie Lynch is the story of a Black queer couple as they attempt to exorcise the demonic embodiment white supremacy.The volunteers will be participating in the show and leading the audience through a haunted house style set. Learn more about the event and volunteer opportunities!

South Bay: AACI is one of the largest community-based organizations advocating for and serving the marginalized and vulnerable ethnic communities in Santa Clara County. They are currently looking for two people who can come work on organizing documents and our cabinets and also to work on small projects here at the clinic and some other locations where we do  HIV testing as well. Sign up!

San Francisco: Our new nonprofit partner Gay4Good is an LGBTQ organization making a positive impact on the greater community by volunteering time to social and environmental causes. They are looking for about 30 volunteers per event to help at the Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center. This is a recurring without commitment event happening every Saturday from 10am to 1pm. Sign up!

Research Participation


The Health Equity Institute of San Francisco State University is recruiting BI+ men for an online study. The purpose of the Men's Daily Experiences Study (MeDES) is to investigate the ways that different experiences of daily living - particularly every day stressors - influence the health and well-being of bisexual men. Participants will be compensated. Take their survey and learn more here.

Jack Beck