Loud and Queer - Video Editors Needed!

Video Editors Needed!

Loud and Queer

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Loud & Queer (formerly known as Slayful) is #1 in everything amorism. We are a collective dedicated to the destruction of shame and the annihilation of confusion around all topics within and related to amorism, which includes: SEX, SEXUALITY, GENDER IDENTITY, NON-MONOGAMY, BODY IMAGE.


Opportunity Description

Loud and Queer (loudandqueer.com) isn’t just an organization, it’s a community, with members getting free access to local events and resources to get their own creativity in the world. Want to be a radical member of our queer poly movement? We’d love to meet you!

We’re currently looking for video editor(s):

Visual content cut deeply into human experiences and opens people up to growth! We are looking for some individuals with the most basic video editing proficiency to add yourself to the story through video editing! We’ve had some editing pros on the team and are happy to teach beginners how to get to the next editing level!

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