Peaches Christ Terror Vault, If You DARE!

Volunteer at Peaches Christ Terror Vault! 


Peaches Christ: San Francisco's premiere drag queen, filmmaker, and high priestess of cult dares you to get involved in this frightful volunteer opportunity!


A paid gig with a front row seat to Peaches Christ’s House of Horror? No tricks here, but this is sure to be a treat! YOU can join the Peaches Christ team to put on this year’s House of Horrors!

The HoH will take those brave enough to enter on a forty-five-minute immersive tour of the historic San Francisco Mint building and confront the despicable horrors that plague its secret prison.

"Terror Vault at the Old Mint Is Legitimately Freaking Terrifying."
~~SF Weekly

Oct 9-13, 15-20, 22-31 , Nov 1-3, 8-10

Shift roles & times

Traffic (2 volunteers) 5:15-10:15p

Will Call Check in (1 volunteer) 5:45-9:45p

Wristbands (2 volunteers) 5:45-9:45p

Coatcheck (1 volunteer) 5:45-11:15p

Volunteers will be paid a $50 stipend per shift.

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