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Youth Ambassador


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Trikone is a non-profit organization for LGBTQ+ people of South Asian descent, offering a supportive, empowering and non-judgmental environment.

Opportunity Description

Represent Trikone and be the ‘go to’ person between the organisation and the student community at large.



Must be a current enrolled (part-time or full-time) student of an accredited academic institution (such as, high school, college, university, community college, etc.); be enrolled as a student of the aforementioned academic institutions throughout the time as the ambassador; be available to provide information regarding Trikone and its events, activities, operations to their class/school mates; be reachable via electronic communication systems; be active on campus or be willing to take up an active role; be able to organise/host at least one Trikone related event/activity/session on campus; be in touch with the Trikone Board of Directors for any and all questions, queries, help or other.


This role is an unpaid-fully-free volunteer position. In recognition of their services, Trikone shall: provide a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ every academic year of their service; provide ‘letters of recommendation’ when in need during higher education admissions; highlight their names (upon prior permission) in all Trikone communication platforms; invite them to an invite-only safe-space Annual Ambassadors’ Picnic, fully paid by Trikone.


Fill up the application form, undergo a quick and simple interview, earn the badge and start being the ambassador!

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