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WayOUT empowers LGBTQ+ youth to feel safe being who they really are. Through investing in organizations that provide life-saving resources, wayOUT plans to change what it means to grow up as a gender or sexual minority in America.

WayOUT is a chapter based organization, with a single national board and two local chapters. Over the past 2 years, wayOUT has raised money through auctions and online campaigns-- awarding four grants to partner organizations, totaling $300,000. As we scale, we hope to invest $1m in 10 life-saving projects across 10 cities and host a national conference for LGBTQ+ leaders.


Opportunity Description

As Treasurer, you will be responsible for managing all inflow and outflow of funds between local chapters and partner organizations. You will keep track of the bottom line to spot red flags that might impact the organization’s ability to provide adequate funding for planned budgeted activities.

Day to day responsibilities include:

  • Filing all appropriate taxes

  • Developing the annual budget

  • Managing Inflow and outflow of funds with local chapters

  • Managing inflow and outflow of funds with partner organizations

  • Responsible for collection, reimbursement

In your first 6 months, you will be expected to:

  1. Take over and manage the wayOUT bank account

  2. File taxes

  3. Create a statement of financial activities

  4. Create a system and process for fundraising and expenses between the board and chapters (i.e. how does money raised at the board level disseminate to partner organizations)

As volunteer position, we expect this to take roughly 5-10 hours/month with added time before/after each event(2-3x/year). We are ideally looking for someone who has ties to the LGBTQ+ community and has managed P&L before. Extra points if you have worked for or on behalf of a 501c3!

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