Youth Tech Health - They2ze Trans Health App User Testing

they2ze Trans Health App User Testing

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YTH is the partner of choice for those in search of new ways to advance the health of youth and young adults through technology.


Opportunity Description

The they2ze app is designed for community members and providers to find referrals and services based on distance, tags, and gender-related needs. Users can also log into the app and offer resource feedback by placing personal reviews, suggestions, and ratings based on their own experiences.

To support the medical community, they2ze includes a section dedicated for providers, which includes patient intake forms, standard care practices, and a compendium of gender affirming resources. they2ze further provides users with the most up to date relevant news, videos, and articles on trans-related health.

YTH recently enhanced the app, with the development of trans-inclusive HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) features, and the expansion of resources and access throughout California. The they2ze app is now available for download for iOS and Android users for free.

At the end of the hour, you can take a survey about your experience and receive a $5 Amazon gift card.

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