Pets Are Wonderful Support


PAWS believes that the healing impact of the human-animal bond is one of the best supports available for vulnerable individuals such as older adults and people with disabling illnesses. Mounting evidence indicates that this bond can yield valuable medical, social, and psychological health outcomes. PAWS provides needed companion animal services to hundreds of low-income San Franciscans so they continue to benefit from the healing power and unconditional love of their beloved pets. PAWS is a program of Shanti Project.

Getting Involved

PAWS volunteers assist clients in caring for their pets through supportive pet care services, including dog-walking, in-home cat care, foster care, transports to and from the veterinarian, specialized animal care (nail clipping, bathing, subcutaneous fluids, vet/vet tech consultation), distribution of pet food through an onsite food bank, and preparation and delivery of pet food to home bound clients.


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