PRIDEnet is a network of organizations and individuals dedicated to involving LGBTQ people in all stages of health research, which includes helping to create research questions, as well as analyzing, and disseminating results from The PRIDE Study.

We build on decades of work by political activists, health advocates, service providers, and researchers to improve the health and well-being of LGBTQ communities. We are one link in a very long chain and we’re happy you found us.

In working with us as a participant of The PRIDE Study, Participant Advisory Committee (PAC) member, community partner, or community member, we want you to experience:


Access: Because of a long history of discrimination, stigma, and medical neglect, many LGBTQ people have difficulty accessing adequate care and achieving optimal health. In addition, many are marginalized from healthcare due to age, language, race and ethnicity, and legal or socioeconomic status. The PRIDE Study strives to be accessible by offering participants the ability to join from any Web-enabled smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, or by telephone.

We want you to be included.

Belonging: Many of us have experienced rejection by families and society. As a result, we have created communities of broad diversity, extraordinary experience, hard-earned wisdom, and passionate leadership. PRIDEnet seeks to build on these strengths by incorporating your input and responding to your questions.
We want you to feel welcome.

Meaningful Participation: Historically, LGBTQ voices have not been included in most research efforts. Many studies don’t collect data that could help us answer the most basic questions about our health. PRIDEnet strives to engage these voices by seeking, collecting, and incorporating input from our PAC and Community Partners.

We want you to be heard.

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