Sundance Association for Country-Western Dancing

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The Sundance Association teaches and hosts country-western dances for the LGBTQ+ community, building community and raising funds for local nonprofits.

The Sundance Association for Country-Western Dancing is dedicated to the promotion of country-western dancing through instruction, performance and the presentation of public dance events, without discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation. The Sundance Association is an all-volunteer, community-supported organization, created in 1999 by a corps of volunteers who shared a special interest in preserving country-western dancing in the Bay Area.

Getting Involved

The Sundance Association invites volunteers to support its regular weekly and annual events. Every Thursday and Sunday, the Sundance Association hosts the Sundance Saloon–the best LGBT country-western dance club in the world. They also host the Sundance Stompede–San Francisco’s annual country-western dance weekend for the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender community and its friends; as well as other large-scale annual events throughout the year.


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