Windcall Institute


The Windcall Insitute is dedicated to nurturing and developing transformative learning and resilient leadership among community and labor organizers engaged in the work of social justice in low-income communities and communities of color. Thirty years ago, at a time no one gave a thought to the wellbeing of organizers, Windcall was the first to reward the great leaders coming out of the last movements with a chance to rest, reflect, and heal.

The new generation of leaders fronting today’s movements face rapidly shifting conditions and a barrage of trauma-inducing aggressions from a political system bent on violence. Windcall fosters their healing now so they can sustain for the long-haul. Our participants average: 20% Trans/gender non-conforming, 75% non-heterosexual/cis, 80% POC.


Getting Involved

Windcall seeks volunteers to help with operations, communications, development, and program-related work. This includes website maintenance, Salesforce support, email newsletters, fundraising campaigns, and program design and implementation.

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